Cloud Solution for Electronic Clearing

Issued in 2021
  • The system includes a real time network through which a Point-of-Sale (POS) device communicates with an Intelligent Clearing Network (ICN) server.
  • The ICN server is configured to run a real time application while in communication with the POS device.
  • POS device transmits coupon data elements read at the POS device and other consumer transaction information including universal product codes purchased.
  • Transaction details transmitted to the ICN cloud server via the network.
  • The ICN server validates the coupon data elements and provides the POS device information in order to redeem coupons.
  • Electronic invoices are generated and used for financial settlement.

Electronic Clearing and Financial Settlement of Digital Coupons

Issued in 2015
  • ICN’s cloud solution validates manufacturers’ purchase requirements from a hosted service and a comprehensive clearing solution to both retailers and manufacturers
  • Removes the need to define digital offers on the retailer’s point of sale solution
  • Eliminates the need to manage and download offer definitions to the point of sale from different vendors
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Execution of Digital Coupons in the Cloud

Issued in 2015
  • The cloud solution builds on the foundation of ICN’s second generation solution
  • Gives ICN the unique ability to activate, validate and clear digital coupons in the cloud
  • Resolves the issues of coupon arbitration and paper and digital coupon deal stacking
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Electronic Validation and Clearing of Paper Coupons

Issued in 2013
  • The technology handles both digital and paper processing through the same point-of-sale connection
  • Manages the critical issue of deal stacking between these two forms of coupons
  • Works by capturing item-level transaction data in real time
  • ICN’s server performs validation in milliseconds
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